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OMGs DFW Food - Rock Fish Tower
I’ve been on blogger vacation (aka too dang busy to post to the blog). Recently, I picked up a project that has been fantastically challenging, incredibly fulfilling, and friggin’ back-breaking. I love it. However, making #betterchoices has been a bit of a challenge — both food and life choices. I’m happy to report I have not gone completely off track with the food. No weight gained — two more lost. (But, that may or may
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Let me start by saying that what I’m about to share with you is the easiest, most delicious bite of fabulous I have thrown together in a long time. And, I throw together bits of fabulous frequently. This one was practically perfect in every way. Eat your heart out, Mary Poppins. The. Bomb. Diggity. When you look at these skewers, it might remind you of chicken satay. Although, this dish doesn’t quite meet all the
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You hear it all the time. You have to “layer flavors” when you’re cooking. Well, what the heck does that mean? Load up on ingredients? Add tons of spices? Layering flavors can easily mean coaxing out the natural sugars in a food, heightening a specific aspect of an ingredient’s flavor profile, and/or leveraging the entire range of flavors within an ingredient with different cooking methods or timing. The point is, there’s way more to every
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OMGs DFW Food - Better Choices Sunset
Stress is real, people. And, the truth is last week was a stress-filled week. I didn’t post this weekend because I was out of town, and when I started to pull together my thoughts about posting, the only thing I could think of saying was that my better choices journey sucked this week, and I wanted to leave it in the rear view mirror. I didn’t go completely off the radar, but I certainly made
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OMGs DFW Food - Roast Chicken 5
Everyone needs a back pocket recipe. It’s that one impressive yet easy meal you can pull from your back pocket anytime you need a pass for dinner. Last second dinner guest? Back pocket recipe. Need to impress? Back pocket recipe. Need something that won’t keep you busy at the stove? Back pocket recipe. My friend Leigh Ann’s is pot roast. My Ma’s is arroz con pollo. Mine is roast chicken, and this lemon rosemary version
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By now you’ve figured out that I have a serious love of food. Grandma Ollie used to hypnotize me with the movement of her wooden spoon, creating intoxicating aromas in the kitchen at the ranch with the simplest of ingredients. And, when I wasn’t at the ranch, my smoking, 500-pound, denture-wearing, narcoleptic, poem-reading babysitter (best. babysitter. ever.) would lovingly knead potato rolls then slather them with jewel-toned homemade jelly once baked, all while I sat on
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