Terms and Conditions

Another lawyer-required section here. 

By using OMG’s DFW Food Meal Prep Service and this website, including the placement of your order, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed below. 

Signing Up

Signing up to OMG’s DFW Food Meal Prep Service means you not only agree to the Terms and Conditions but also to provide the following information to be used for the processing and pick up Canceling delivery of food items.

  • Your accurate address, including the postal code of the billing address associated with the credit card
  • Your accurate and preferred contact home/mobile number
  • Your accurate email address

We will only use your information to process your order and to provide important information, including but not limited to a confirmation email, invoice, changes to your order and/or changes to the pick up and/or delivery schedule. You are responsible for confirming orders placed are accurate based on the confirmation received per order placement.

Pricing & Availability

Pricing on the website at the time of placing your order shall be the price charged to your credit card. However, we do reserve the right to change the price of any menu item. We will never change pricing mid-menu week. 

While we always plan menus in advance and work closely with our product vendors, shifts happen. Shifts in availability. It’s possible that some items may be substituted due to product availability. If we must substitute an item, you will be notified in advance. And, we will always honor the purchase price and never charge extra for the substitute.

Technical errors or glitches in the system could happen. We hope not. But, if they do, we will always honor the prices published at the time of placing your order. We keep track of stuff like that. 

Payment options accepted.

  • All Major Debit/Credit Cards – Payments are made through Stripe and include a fully-integrated authentification system. All payments are processed immediately upon order placement. For more details on how Stripe works, visit their site at http://www.stripe.com. 

Pick Up and/or Delivery

Pick up and/or Delivery arrangements will be made during order placement. We deal with real, fresh, perishable food that is maintained at food safe refrigerated temperatures until the scheduled pick up and/or delivery time. We are food safety certified and follow all food safety procedures to ensure your meal is delivered deliciously prepared and ready to be safely re-heated. 

OMG’s DFW Food Meal Prep Service will not be held liable for any food items after the pick up and/or delivery of the food item and strongly recommend customers refrigerate their food items immediately. Any food items not picked up and/or unavailable with no prior notice for delivery will be charged for their order in full with no refund.

In the unusual circumstance where we do not arrive at the scheduled and designated pick up and/or delivery location within a 10-minute window of the scheduled time, you’ve just gotten yourself a free order! And, you will absolutely get a call about the situation the moment we know we will be late. But, we aim to never have that happen.

Canceling an order

Orders must be canceled within a full 48 hours of your scheduled pick up and/or delivery time to receive a refund. No flexibility on that one.

What? You Don’t Like It???

We want you full and happy. And satisfied with both the meal and our service. If you’re ever unhappy with the meal or our service, we are ready, able and willing to make it right. Contact info@omgsdfwfood.com with any questions or concerns, and someone will return your message within 24 hours.

We do recommend reading our Pick Up and/or Delivery section so that you have the best experience possible. We’re dealing with real food — fresh, refrigerated and perishable. So, if you accidentally left the food in the backseat of the car or forgot to bring it home from work??? Sorry, dude. We can’t help you there. 

All transactions are processed the moment the order is placed. Any refunds are at the sole discretion of OMG’s DFW Food Meal Prep Service. But, be assured. We will do everything possible to make it right for you. 

We work with a dietitian to ensure we’re providing healthy, balanced meals. However, we are not scientists nor are we doctors. We include approximate calories per meal/serving based on recipes input into My Fitness Pal Nutrition Calculator. This is how we balance our own personal meals, as well. We list all ingredients on the label and encourage you to read before consuming any meal, not just ours! It’s the smart thing to do.

Also, we’re always looking to improve! So, we love feedback. Keep those lines of communication open. We love hearing from you.

Food Allergies

We take food allergies seriously. So, it’s important to know that our commissary kitchen uses ingredients that include nuts, dairy products, eggs, soy products and/or animal proteins and many other food products. If you note a specific food allergy when placing your order, we will take every precaution to ensure your meals align with your request so that we provide safe meals. All ingredients for the meal are included on the label.


We love our customers and want you to be happy and come back for seconds! Better to double check and stay safe!

Modifications and Updates

OMG’s DFW Food Meal Prep Services, in its sole discretion, has the right to change this agreement or any part thereof at any time without notice. (a little harsh, but it’s the truth)

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