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OMGs DFW Food - Olivia

OMGSDFWFOOD - MolcajeteI’ve had a life-long passion for all things culinary, starting as far back as I remember. My earliest recollections involve tasting warm potato bread fresh from the oven, slathered with homemade jam. I remember hearing the crisp crunch of fresh red cabbage, carrots, and raw turnips as my grandfather savored every bite of his daily salad during lunchtime, and I recall smelling the familiar, comforting aromas of garlic, toasted cumin, and black peppercorn as my grandmother prepared fideo con carne and a hot pot of beans at their ranch.

The art of cooking has always romanced and intrigued me. Eating was never just another part of the day – it was when all my senses were on point and curiously processing every note and combination of flavors dancing on my palate. I wondered how I could recreate the smells and tastes I was experiencing and knew I had to challenge myself to learn more about the object of my obsession.

OMGSDFWFOOD - Olivia and EmerilFrom back of house kitchens and bakeries to concept development and culinary retail management, restaurant industry media communications and food writer, my career has always revolved around the restaurant/food industry, feeding my hunger for all things culinary and cultivating my dream of fusing that passion for food with a passion for writing.

Along my journey, I have earned a certificate in baking and pastry at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, helped launch one of the fastest-growing quick service restaurant chains around, created a recipe currently featured on that chain’s menu, and I have written for some of the most iconic global brands in casual dining and culinary retail.

In 2015, I was selected as a finalist for Bravo’s Best New Restaurant The Mentorship contest. And, although I didn’t win, I had an amazing time during the entire process. And, in July 2016, I was also selected to be a guest reporter on Verify Road Trip, a new program featuring David Schechter, the bomb diggity of all news reporters. We set out on a culinary journey to determine the true breakfast taco capital of Texas! (No pressure or anything.)

As a freelance food writer and consultant by trade and a food lover by heart, I now concentrate on creating and writing about my own culinary concoctions, as well as sharing my many culinary adventures, all while balancing my clients and working towards opening my own breakfast taco restaurant and launching a new coffee roasting company to fit right along with the tacos.

OMGSDFWFOOD - Olivia and Eddie JacksonIn between cooking and writing, I enter fun contests OMGSDFWFOOD - Olivia and John Tesar - Ken Hamlinand keep my ear to the ground about any local production tapings, like when Food Network’s Eddie Jackson came to town to tape BBQ Blitz with Dallas’ Chef John Tesar and Dallas Cowboy Ken Hamlin! Gordon Elliott giving me his hat was well worth the 12 hour day in the hot, August sun.

OMGSDFWFOOD - Olivia and BearAnd, if I wasn’t blessed enough, I also have an amazing culinary partner in crime, Bear, my phenomenally fabulous husband and best friend. He’s an incredible taste-tester and food adventurer – we make a pretty good dream team. Along with our three cats, Cat, Mouse and Crazy, we make up “Casa Gonzalez.”

Because we reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area, I tend to focus on foods or restaurants around these parts, thus OMG’s DFW Food; however, my husband and I travel quite a bit and cook just as much. So, you’ll see me write about our road trips and kitchen creations, as well. Check out our latest international food adventure in Spain!

Near or far, I am always up for a good meal and happy to write about it. Plus, I always do my best to share my kitchen secrets when I can. So, click away! I’d love to hear from you, too! Read, like, and share the love.

For the love of food,

Olivia M. Gonzalez
OMGs DFW Food - Olivia


Twitter: @omgsdfwfood

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Slayer of breakfast tacos. Lover of bacon. Killer of karaoke. Writer of words. Drinker of margaritas. Warrior of roads. OMG of the DFW. That’s all I got.

8 thoughts on “About OMG”

  1. Great! I will be in touch with you over the next couple of weeks once the event date is finalized! Thank you!


  2. Thanks for watching Verify! In the “Texas Breakfast Taco Battle” post on the home page, I offer a few variations of a great breakfast taco. Where should you start? I’d say having a delicious, warm tortilla that is soft enough to fold gently but has a nice, toasted exterior is your foundation. From there, your breakfast taco fillings can truly take you anywhere!


  3. Hello
    Looking forward to seeing you on verify roadtrip. i was wondering what makes a good breakfast taco? if i was going to serve breakfast tacos, where would i start and what is the secret to success? I know that you have to be passionate and provide tender love and care but what else should i be concerned about? Thank You!


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