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Every now and again, I make a sacrifice to demonstrate why I reign as OMG of the DFW, Second of My Name (was named after my Grandma Ollie), Slayer of Breakfast Tacos — and Mother of Panthera Onca Parvus (Mouse and Crazy). Couple of weeks ago, I was scheduled to interview Juan Rodriguez, Austin City Taco Co. culinary director. Due to scheduling conflicts on my part, I ended up just popping into the Fort Worth
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Don’t ever go to the K-Roger when you’re hungry and they have a sale on pork. Or, do. This was delicious. I’ve had about what seems like 16 different meals from that little pork chop incident at the store. But, this was, by far, the best. Ingredients 2 (6-8oz) pork chops, thinly sliced 2 demi baguettes or bolillos, horizontally halved 1 TBS fish sauce 1 tsp Truvia (use sugar if you roll like that) 1
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The atmosphere is exactly what you’d expect at a “saloon extraordinaire.” Loud. Fun. Walls brimming with rifles. A community table with an ax in it. And a beautifully crafted bar where plenty of Dallas social climbers were firmly planted. Plus, there were plenty of fancy drinks among the expected whiskey options at Billy Can Can in downtown Dallas. But, we weren’t there for anything but the food. And, they delivered. Stellar service and sous chef
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One of The Hub’s favorite meals is roasted chicken with crispy skin. So, for his birthday recently, I whipped this super simple recipe up just for him, and he loved it! I know you will, too! Spatchcocked rosemary lemon chicken with garlic herbed roasted potatoes.– 6lb whole chicken– 1 small bag red potatoes– 1 bunch parsley– 5 sprigs fresh rosemary– 3 large cloves of garlic– 2 TBS olive oil– 5 TBS softened butter– 1 large
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I’m so thankful for my recent opportunity to help Verify TV during their search to find the best tamales in North Texas. While it’s always a fun adventure to participate with them, this particular assignment meant a great deal to me personally. It’s not Christmas until the tamales are made. For my family, and so many others, it’s a tradition that involves participation from everyone — in many ways a rite of passage. I remember
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If you’re anything like me, things are a little nuts right now. It’s the busiest time of the year. Fourth quarter craziness at work. Family, friends, holiday shopping (online or in person), and food preparations have you running non-stop. So, why not have an impromptu holiday happy hour and volunteer to bring the food!?!? Because that’s what I did! Insane? Maybe. Fun? Of course, it was. And, here’s how I survived. First, don’t cook. That’s
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