Sublime Chocolate is… well… Sublime

Sublime Chocolate

A couple of months ago, I decided to do a little chocolate research when preparing an important birthday gift for my BFF. As all good food researchers know, taste testing is a critical part of the process (or at least that’s what I tell myself). The goal was to find a variety of the most uniquely special, hand-crafted, world-class chocolates that would be worthy of a gift for someone so uniquely special to me. I read a great deal of articles, went to many chocolate shops and even experienced several sugar highs and lows during the experience, all leading up to what I would discover as the absolute best chocolate shop DFW has to offer… Sublime Chocolate.

IMG_4855Troy Easton, owner of Sublime Chocolate, along with his business partner, Kristen, took me on a chocolate-filled global adventure within a matter of minutes, and my head was spinning… and not just because of all the sugar. Aside from their incredible selection of hand-crafted truffles, sipping chocolates and candies, Sublime Chocolate is Dallas’ first craft bean to bar chocolatier and one of only six bean to bar chocolate makers in Texas. Basically, Sublime creates chocolate tasting bars (currently all dark chocolate) made in-house, directly from the cacao bean. And, the results are just what you’d expect… sublime.


Now, while I was there for the truffle experience, I was fortunate enough to have both Troy’s and Kristen’s undivided attention during my visit and was offered a sample of their tasting bars: Madagascar Sambriano Valley 67%, Bolivia 65% made with Coconut Sugar, a sugar alternative, as well as a Papua New Guinea 72% and Venezuela Ocumare 70%, each with an individualized profile and feel.

While dark chocolate isn’t necessarily my “go-to” chocolate, I have to admit, these bean to bar creations were brilliant and incredibly unique. The Papua New Guinea and Venezuela Ocumare coaxed out a simple and lovely satisfaction just from their smooth texture and consistency, while the Bolivian bar offered a distinct sweetness that wasn’t found in the other bars. The least favorite for me was the Madagascar Sambriano Valley which, although velvety in texture, left that all too familiar dry note associated with most dark chocolate, something I enjoy most when wine is accompanying the chocolate. Needless to say, this world-wide tour of chocolate is definitely something you should experience for yourself.

Sublime Chocolate2

In the end, I left with over 40 unique truffles, having sampled tasting bars, sipping chocolate (amazing) and a playful “just for fun” combination of raspberries and chocolate which was absolutely the most refreshing combination of chocolate and fresh fruit I’ve ever had. My BFF was just as impressed with Sublime Chocolate as I was, and now that we both know where the goods are, we’ll be back for more. Troy and Kristen know what they’re doing, and have a sincere passion for chocolate and for offering the very best to anyone who walks through their doors. I suggest you also get up to Allen and experience what Sublime is all about.

You can find them at 908 Market Street Allen, Texas 75013 in Watters Creek or check out their website:

For more information about Sublime Chocolate, you can also email them at

Author: Olivia M. Gonzalez

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