Easy Halloween Treats


What’s up Ghosts and Goblins!?! Happy Halloween!

To get into the Halloween spirit, I put together a 10-minute Halloween episode featuring three of my favorite, easy spooky snacks: Empanadas, Buñuelos, and Champurrado!

OMGs DFW Food - Empanadas OMGs DFW Food - ChampurradoOMGs DFW Food - Buñuelos

We even captured a scary moment on tape – I’m serious. We had a supernatural visitor or something. Very Halloweeny!

I’m fairly certain I angered the Pumpkin King with all my empanada making. Anyway, check it out!

Stay safe out there this Halloween! Make these scary snacks, enjoy the night, and be sure to think about your pets! Keep them safe from bad monsters by bringing them inside for the night!

Author: Olivia M. Gonzalez


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