How to Bacon… I Mean, BAKE VEGAN. Sorry, Hard Habit to Break…

I am not necessarily known for my love of vegetables; although, I do love veggies when seasoned with bacon.  And, while I am a lover of all food, I rarely have had the desire to venture into the land of the vegan.  This all changed when I met “Eric”, a co-worker of mine whose named has been changed to protect the innocent, or in this case, just because I’m not sure he wants to be forever known as “The Vegan” in my blog.

So,everyone at work knows I bake, and when I have an audience, I feed the audience.  Every birthday I offer to bake the birthday person’s dessert of choice, and having recently joined this team at work, I had a new group of individuals for whom I could provide delicious treats.  Normally, we’re talking cakes, pies, cookies – things that involve milk, eggs and other mainstream ingredients.  However, on my new team is Eric.  He and his wife have been vegans for a few years now, and they made the switch to the vegan lifestyle for a number of reasons and have benefited greatly from this decision.  I like Eric.  He’s nice, and I knew when he told me he was vegan that I was going to both learn something and challenge myself to expand my foodie repertoire. Continue reading “How to Bacon… I Mean, BAKE VEGAN. Sorry, Hard Habit to Break…”

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