The Land of Enchanted Green Chilies – Si Señor!

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Visiting my husband’s family in New Mexico has become a two fold experience.  Not only do I adore his family and sincerely love the fun we have while there, but I also get to experience the local food of Las Cruces, New Mexico and surrounding areas… translation… I get my green chile on.

Si Señor, Las Cruces, New Mexico

One of the local favorites is Si Señor, located in central Las Cruces and definitely a “must eat” while visiting.  The first time my husband took me there, I didn’t want to leave.  I insisted we stay

Delicious Traveling Sopapilla from Si Señor

and snack our way from lunchtime through dinnertime and take sopapillas (fried bread dessert) with us on the road back to Texas when we left. (Note photo of me eating said sopapilla while husband drives).  So, during this last visit, we went TWICE!  The first time I forgot to take photos.  I know, bad blogger.  However, I did manage to tear myself away from the food to take photos and introduce this place to you during the second visit.

On the menu I enjoyed a succulent combination of pork chile con carne smothered in green chile (it’s like what non-New Mexicans consider carne guisado but with pork and green chile), a perfectly seasoned crispy beef taco, one cheese enchilada with green chile salsa,  a tightly rolled chicken flauta, and refried beans, the Hatch Valley Combination plate.  Oh. My. Word.

Si Señor Hatch Valley Combination Plate

The chile con carne was tender and simmered with a gentle fire without killing the taste-buds while the crunchy beef taco, crispy flauta and gooey cheese enchilada reminded me of homemade cooking with the family.  The beans were kind of an afterthought, and while I truly enjoy Si Señor and all they have to offer, I have to say their beans were about average for a Mexican restaurant.

Si Señor Chips and Dip

It’s important to note that before you get any of the deliciousness I speak of here, the server brings you a basket full of warm corn tortilla chips and four types of dip.  The first (upper left) is a bright and lovely green chile salsa that should be illegal.  I could drink BARRELS of this stuff it’s so dang good.  Chunky green chilies in a creamy stock base that just screams, “Dip, Crunch, Repeat!”  The second dip (upper right) is something of a traditional rajas con crema (chile pepper slices with cream) dip.  This is a sour cream base with the addition of green chilies, and looks are deceiving.  You think, “go for the cream to lessen the spice”… WRONG.  This dip is tasty!  And, what I mean by tasty is “blow your face off” spicy if you eat too much… I loved it!  Third dip (lower left) reminded me of a strained red chile con carne sauce, chili bean like in flavor without the texture.  Finally (lower right) was the very traditional red salsa that is found in most Mexican restaurants –  no frills, just good sauce.

My husband enjoyed the basic Sandia Taco plate which included three perfectly seasoned crispy beef tacos, rice, no beans and extra salad.  He was being good that day.  The rice was light,

Si Señor Sandia Taco Plate

fluffy, flavorful and just right to mix with the few pieces of ground beef that escaped the taco upon lift off.  Thankfully, he likes to share and I got to taste some… he’s such a good husband, sacrificing for the sake of the blog.

Needless to say, we left with sopapilla in hand, tummies full and happy smiles.  Stay tuned for more New Mexico adventures as I write about the other places visited during our most recent road trip.

Author: Olivia M. Gonzalez

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